About Me

That's us. Too long ago to actually specify.

I have been a reader my whole life.  I mostly blame this on my mother.  My favorite memories of childhood revolve around her reading to me, me reading to her, or all of us reading together on road trips.  I could easily get out of doing the dishes at night, if I agreed to read to her while she washed.

Once I had this terrible and wonderful habit, I couldn't stop.  I read a lot.  So did (so do) my siblings.  Eventually, I discovered the world of book bloggers and realized that my version of "a lot" is a lot different from other peoples' "a lot."  I don't read 200-300 books a year. I don't read even 100 books a year.  I also don't speed read. I read really, really slowly.  And I'm proud of it.  I'm selective about what I read, and I like to enjoy every word.  If that means I read and blog less than other bloggers, then so be it.

The three siblings at my Brother's wedding. 

I have a beautiful daughter named Abagail, who takes up all my time and who is mainly responsible for my inability to spend hours reading on the weekends. I don't like to complain, though, because I know I'm lucky to have her. To see and hear more about her antics, follow us on Instagram (Brooke Bove), and Facebook (Brooke Tricola Bove).

As far as other hobbies, I love movies and TV (obviously, I like good stories), I sew and crochet a little, and I love to bake. I should probably look into something that isn't so sedentary and/or fattening. 

If you want to get in touch with me, please do!  I'm always interested to meet other bloggers, or anyone who wants to discuss books.  Plus, I'd love to meet others in my area who love books too!