I very rarely read anything that's a new release. I generally dislike buying hardback books, and I'm always so behind on my reading list that by the time I get around to reading anything, it's been out for years. I am also a fan of "the classics" and so a lot of what I read and write about here is not only not new, it's actually really old. Also, I do this obsessive thing where at the end of every year, I note all the great books of the year, all the top 100 lists, etc. Then I like to check back in five or ten years and see what's held up. Then I read those books. Who has time to read all the new stuff as it is coming out? Not me.

The point is that when I write about something here, I want to have a real discussion, which means talking about plot points, and character development and things that generally give away a book's secrets. Whenever possible, I'll try to make a note or a "spoiler alert" warning, but I can't promise I'll always remember to do this.

Please forgive me if I give away something you didn't know or spoil a book for you! Also, please let me know if I do, so that 1) I can apologize, and 2) I can try to avoid doing it more in the future.

Thanks, and happy reading!

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