Sunday, March 1, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hi. My name is Brooke, and I'm a movie-aholic. Don't judge.

Today I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy. I enjoyed it. The dancing scene actually made me guffaw. I would argue that no female does physical comedy better than Isla Fisher. Dare to disagree?

As far as storyline goes, there were no surprises. It was pretty formulaic. As far as intellectual matter, there was none. But as far as a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours, this is a good option. The clothes are great, the soundtrack is great and the male interest is extremely desireable.

I had put off reading this series of books - specifically because it became a series. I had the book on my list, but when the second came out, I was less interested. Then when the third book came out I took it off my list. But there's a possibility that I would read these books now. Sophie Kinsella should write Isla Fisher a thank-you note.

I loved Hugh Dancy in The Jane Austen Book Club, and I love him even more now. I hope that someday Mike gets to be in a movie with him.

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  1. Ok, well I have the book, so you can borrow it--it so so silly and fun, and haven't seen the movie yet so I can't compare, but it was a very fun read.
    And I do have to disagree about the physical acting thing... Gilda Radner (SNL), Lucile Ball... I could go on and on...but Isla is certainly not bad!