Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to School

Well, it's here - the end of winter break. I start my new internship tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. I found a new dress at Ann Taylor marked down to $30 from $90, so I felt like I could buy it. It's awesome and I'm going to feel good going to work in it. The only problem is what to wear there the rest of the semester!

The firm I'm going to work at is a prominent personal injury firm, and I am excited for the opportunity. It's going to be great for contacts, and for getting myself more comfortable with California civil procedure. I'm not sure I always want to do personal injury or even civil litigation, but this was a tough internship to get, and I'm proud to have gotten it.

As for my reading / TV / movie watching, it's going to be better this semester. I've got several books lined up. Also, I'm taking this awesome "Law and Literature" class, so I get to read a lot for that. I've already read several of the selections, and I'm really looking forward to discussing them in class. I will write a post on all of them at the end of the semester. I'm trying to find a central theme for the paper I'll write for the class, which will be my grade. In preparation for a literature class I got out some old papers I wrote in college and looked at some of my notes. It was a nice, nostalgic thing to do and it boosted my confidence.

This semester will include a lot of writing - even more than last semester when I wrote a 100 page paper for law review, so I was getting nervous. Once a college professor of mine told me that I was a "competent" writer. Coming from her, that was extreme praise, and I've never forgotten that conversation. It's when I started to feel more certain about myself as a student, as a writer and as an adult.

As far as reading things outside of school, I'm still reading that wretched book Princesses by Flora Fraser. Like I said before, the writing is terrible and the book is poorly organized. However, the subject matter is interesting, so I will continue to plow through. It will take awhile, though, because I can only seem to get through a page or two before falling asleep at night. In addition, I'll be reading The Reef by Edith Wharton. The last poll was tied between that and the Faulkner book, and I love Edith Wharton, so I picked that one. Once I get through those, I'll put up another poll.

So, here's to another good semester, more good books, and the upcoming awards season!

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  1. Have you started The Trial yet? Prior to starting it I had some exposure to Kafka, but it was still way weirder than I anticipated.