Saturday, July 31, 2010

Firefly and other TV

I spent last weekend watching the series Firefly. I liked it, but not a lot. First problem: it's not my preferred setting for a TV show. I don't read a lot of science fiction (although at the direction of my clever and funny brother I am beginning to read more of it), and I don't watch a lot of it either. However, if it's a good story I don't mind it. And for a great story with compelling characters, I'll jump all over it.

Firefly is a good story, and the characters are interesting. I was surprised to find that I knew several of the actors already, and liked them. The main character, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is played by Nathan Fillion. He was Dr. Pomatter in the movie "The Waitress," and I loved him in that. Also, the navigator (ship driver?), Washburne, is played by Alan Tudyk. He is one of the main reasons I liked this show. I love Alan Tudyk.

The story is pretty basic and the story arcs for each episode are not that surprising (spoiler alert - they always come out alive). The characters are sometimes flat and predictable. Everyone fits some sort of purpose - not very multi-dimensional.

But I did like where some of the story lines were going. There was romance budding and the "Shepard" has a mysterious background that was just starting to come out. Though I wasn't compelled every minute, I was legitimately sad when it was over. I wish there was another season. Things were just starting to heat up.

I've also been watching the series Robin Hood, done by the BBC. There are three seasons on DVD right now, and I think they're still filming. It's really terrible, but in a really fun way. It's BBC, so I didn't have a lot of great expectations, but I still didn't expect it to look so cheap and silly. Robin Hood's costume is some skinny pants and a hooded sweatshirt cut down the front to make a v-neck and embellished with some cheap gold ribbon. It's kind of embarrassing.

But it's so cheesy that it's kind of fun to watch. He and his Merry Men get into some scrape or another every episode, and of course they always manage to throw a wrench in the plans of The Sheriff of Nottingham. It's fun.

It's not captivating. Usually, when watching a TV series on DVD, I get sucked in and want to watch at least 5 or 6 episodes in one sitting. That's not the case with Robin Hood. One or two episodes is enough. But that's what's so great about it. Anytime you want, you can drop in for a little adventure.


  1. I love FIREFLY. I take it you have already seen Whedon's other masterpieces, BUFFY and ANGEL?

  2. Yes, I've seen them both. I watched Serenity after writing this yesterday, and I feel better now. I like that some of the loose ends got tied up. Thanks for the recommendation!