Saturday, December 17, 2011

2012 Banned/Challenged Book Reading Challenge

I am not one for making a lot of reading plans. I think reading should be a fluid thing - I like to pick books based on what I'm feeling, what I'm currently interested in, or just based on a cover I think is interesting at a book store (yes, I judge books by their covers - there's no use in denying it).

However, as an effort to become a bit more involved in the book blogging world, and as an effort to be more active on my blog in general, I've decided to join three book challenges for the year 2012. I picked these challenges, because they are generally in line with my reading tastes and because they allow for a lot of fluidity - many books will fit into these challenges, so I'll still be able to choose books based on my feelings and mood.

I am going to create a separate post for each of the challenges. Here is the first challenge, and the one about which I am most excited:


Who doesn't like a little bit of the naughty? I used several sources to make a list in my book spreadsheet (what, you don't have a spreadsheet listing all the books you want to read broken down into different categories?) of most of the books that have been banned or at least challenged in the past 20 years, as well as list of classics that have been most challenged or banned throughout history. These sources came from the creator of this challenge, The Eclectic Bookshelf.

Goodreads Lists:

American Library Association Links:

The rules of the challenge are at the link above to The Eclectic Bookshelf's page. I am going to join at Level 1, which is a promise to read 12 banned books. That strikes me as a lot of books for level one, but since that's the lowest level, that's my plan.

I am planning to edit this post every time I finish a book for this challenge, but I will also create a separate post for each book as well, and link back to this and to The Eclectic Bookshelf's original post. Wish me luck!

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