Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Wait, are you trying to tell me that a prehistoric extinct shark ate my whale?"

My new favorite magazine is Empire. It's published in London, so it's super-duper expensive to subscribe and have shipped here - 80 pounds a year to be exact (that's about $131.00 for 12 magazines).

I picked it up in the airport in London on my way back home (wow, that sentence makes me sound awesome), and I immediately fell in love. It's an amazing magazine - filled with all kinds of great articles and interviews. It's British, so it's much more clever than any of our dull American entertainment magazines.

But even better, it's devoted entirely to movies. There's nothing about TV or music or reality stars. It's pure movie magnificence. (There's a section on DVDs, too.)

The issue I bought was the September 2009 issue, and it has tons of previews of movies to be released over the next 6 months. It has great pictorials and even stills from the sets of different movies. The release dates are a little bit off since the release date in England is not always the same as in the US, but really that's a minor inconvenience.

There are notes and quips about small movies, foreign films, and movies you never heard about, but wish you had. It makes me want to do nothing but watch films. If you can find it somewhere on a news-stand - like maybe at a Barnes & Noble or Borders, you should at least check it out. I know I'm going to look for it!

The title of this post is this month's Quote of the Month, which comes from a straight to DVD movie called Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, starring "80s pop pixie Debbie Gibson and pony-tailed officer Lorenzo Lamas."


  1. yeah, Empire is awesome! I go to their website everyday and do the quiz, and see if there's any new news up. It's, in case you were interested. MUCH cheaper than a subscription. Free.99? Girl, you always hook me up! haha. I heard about Empire from Elin a few years ago when I went to Seattle with her the first time. Anyway, hope all is well

  2. so i voted for Catch-22 on your voting thing because it's one of those books that I've never read but want to...but then when i am done with a book and ready to read another one, i never pick it....i don't know why. but you should read it and tell me how it is :)

    i've been using too many smiley faces lately. it's like i'm happy or something. that's a bold faced lie! haha word verification is 'watiesol'...i think that's "spanish for 'wait sun, do not show yourself today, for it is not meant to be a sunny day' also see 'cloud'"

    i'm in a weird mood, if you couldn't tell