Monday, September 14, 2009

Notes on a (Sort of) Scandal – the 2009 VMAs*


  1. Lady Gaga’s outfit makes it impossible for her to move her neck. Reminds me of a Steve Martin quote:
    1. “I just want to meet a girl with a head on her shoulders. I hate necks. That way when I walk into a restaurant with her, every head turns. Except hers – she has no neck!”
    2. Way too long of an interview with her on the RC. Could have done with more Green Day.
  2. Pink cane in on fire and she brought her Hart.
  3. Buzz Aldrin – I get it, he’s the first moon man. But he’s way past hip, and he reads really really slow.
  4. P-Diddy – Freudian slip:
    1. Michael Jackson influenced us all. We have to make sure to keep our legacy – I mean his legacy alive.

The Show:

  1. Madonna’s introduction speech re Michael Jackson’s life was more about her than him.
  2. Why did Janet look so angry at the end of her song?
  3. Russell Brand – dirty, shocking and hilarious.
  4. Good thing Katie Perry didn’t have to do too much live singing.
  5. Best Female Video: Taylor Swift!!!!!
    1. Shockingly I liked all of these videos.
    2. Kanye West is an asshole.
    3. Her performance was Amazing.
  6. Best Rock Video: Green Day!!
  7. Lady Gaga – very dramatic. Other than that, eh.
  8. Best Pop Video: Britney!!!
    1. So far the Lady Gaga v. Beyonce war is a dud. Zero for both.
  9. Intro for Green Day: What’s with the fast talk? Was Megan Fox auditioning for the end of one of those car ads on the radio?
    1. Btw, Green Day rocked, but that’s to be expected, and hardly worth noting.
  10. New Moon trailer: made me want to immediately read the book, then wait for the movie to come out on DVD.
  11. Best Male Video: T.I.
    1. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Eminem, and I will always want him to win.
    2. But if he couldn’t win the moon man, then I’m just glad it wasn’t Kanye.
  12. Muse performance: eh
    1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t’ know much about them, nor do they seem as special as everyone thinks.
    2. Please don’t kill me – I didn’t say they’re bad, I just said I don’t know much about them.
  13. Best Hip Hop Video: Eminem!!!!!! Whoooopeeee!
    1. If I’m being honest, Eminem wasn’t the best in that round, but he was certainly better than Kanye and Asher Roth.
    2. He was so sincerely thankful. I almost cried. Then I really wanted some M&Ms.
  14. Best New Artist: Lady Gaga
    1. Shocking.
  15. Pink’s performance:
    1. Nice Pasty.
    2. Fearless. All those weekends at the Santa Monica Pier have really paid off.
  16. Video of the Year: Beyonce
    1. So Classy of her to call out Taylor – and they were even wearing the same color! I heart Beyonce even more now.
    2. Goose bumps.
  17. Jay-Z performance: good, but I couldn’t understand one word he said.
  18. I wonder who’s going to go see the documentary of Michael Jackson’s last work. Some would argue that it’s just trying to capitalize on his death. Others would argue that it’s our last chance to see him in action. Not sure what I think. I’ve never really been a huge Michael fan – I always liked him well enough, but

*You know I’ve been in law school too long when my notes on the VMAs turn out to be in outline form.

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