Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone!

Ok, I've been out of the game for most of this summer, and I guess most of this year. I haven't really been reading much this year, but I'm ready to get back to it. It's been a long and stressful year, and reading has been a comfort to me, but now I'm ready to really dig into some good books. Less book candy, more book meat and rich desserts!

I was doing a good job of keeping up with the Google Reader for a lot of the summer, but I just let it go after awhile. Today when I checked I had over 2400 posts to read. So I just hit mark all as read. It's a fresh start, and I can't wait to check in with all my favorite bloggers.

I'm headed to Southern Washington tomorrow for 10 days with my family. It will be the first time my two siblings and I have all been home at the same time in several years. It's going to be great! I know the highlight of the trip will be our pilgrimage to book Mecca - Powell's. I can't wait to spend an afternoon there pouring through books. It's fantastic to be there (the smell alone makes me content), but it's always difficult to make those decisions about which books to take home.

So this is just a quick post to say I'm back, and to say that I have about 4-5 books to review (I know, it's pathetic, but if you want me to write reviews of my bar prep books, I can do that - believe me, I have a lot to say about that!). I'll be posting reviews soon enough - as soon as I get to reading!

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  1. Book Jerusalem (I theoretically prefer to make my pilgrimages to the Holy Land since I'm Christian :-p ) will be epic.

    Highlight of the trip? Perhaps. Or maybe we'll all get to laughing so hard one of us passes out (or pees a little).

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!