Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Challenge Checkup

Hello! Well, I've already read more this year than I had by this point last year, so that's great. It's the upside of unemployment.

Unfortunately, none of those books fit in with any of my challenges. Here's a fun fact: all of the books I've read so far this year have been loaned to me: all the Chelsea Handler-related books and the celebrity addiction memoirs came from my mother-in-law. Also, I'm reading The Bourne Identity right now, which I borrowed from my friend Brooke. This means, of course, that I haven't gotten anywhere with the TBR challenge, which requires me reading books from my own shelves.

Additionally, none of the books above count as Classics or Banned books. So there it is. I guess I should get around to making some sort of plan. I can't just read whatever strikes my fancy and still meet the requirements of these challenges.

That's why it strikes me as so crazy that I'm going to enter some more challenges! Posts to follow soon! For now I'll leave you with this fun picture, which symbolizes my challenge progress so far. It's soooo little! And it's a turtle, which means slow. You get it, right?

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